Jason Hope: The Internet of Things is a Great Wave of Technological Advancement that Has Just Hit the Tech Industry

Being a technology enthusiast, Jason Hope has expressed his interest in internet of things (IoT), the latest trend in technology. He has hit headlines for his prowess as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer on subjects related to technology at Tech.co. He has regarded IoT has the new wave of technological advancement in the tech industry.

What does Internet of Things mean? Well, it is a high level of device interconnectivity that allows a variety of devices to sync with each other. The devices include home appliances, streetlights, cars and many other devices we use in daily life. IoT enables the devices to share data in an effort to increase efficiency and minimize waste. Jason Hope believes that the technology is going to change the way businesses operate.

According to Jason Hope, IoT is the next big deal in investments that corporations will ever take on. With many companies across the world embracing the advancements brought about by IoT, other businesses and companies will need to keep up with the pace. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will fuel the world in the near future with many devices interconnected. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for latest updates.

Although people associate internet access to computers and smart phones, according to Hope, the norm is going to change and consumers will be interacting with applications and interfaces to control routine work such as making coffee, turning off lights among others. Competition between companies in coming up with smart ways to utilize devices better will fuel the technology even further.

The smart technology has the capability to eliminate waste. For instance, improving the transportation sector through better monitoring of maintenance issues as well as real-time mapping of routes. Consequently, congestion and environmental pollution will be a thing of the past.

Apart from his business and tech brilliance, Jason Hope is also a philanthropist. He supports non-profit organizations such as SENS foundation, a foundation that has involved itself with anti-aging research in an effort to prolong lives and improve the quality of life. He advocates for mechanisms for prevention of diseases rather than just treating diseases. He supports SENS because of its innovative, scientific research that challenges the normal school of thought.

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