Drew Madden Focus on Improving Healthcare Industry through IT Solutions

Technology is accompanied by many advantages. The advantages range from increased efficiency to reduced cost of production in various sectors. The healthcare sector is one of the sectors that technology has brought efficiency. On top of that, the sector can offer more reliable services to patients thanks to technological solutions. Drew Madden is an IT expert and entrepreneur determined to see the healthcare sector benefit by implementing healthcare IT strategies. He is a team player passionate for building strong clients relationships and company cultures.

Drew Madden has vast experience in the field of healthcare IT solutions. Additionally, he is experienced in consulting operations and project management. Drew attended the University of Iowa College of Engineering and graduated with a degree in industrial engineering. After his education, Drew started his career at Cerner Corporation where he implemented inpatient clinical solutions. He later moved to work at Healthia Consulting where he spent four years performing implementation duties. He then joined Nordic Consulting Partners and helped grow it to one of the leading Epic consulting companies globally.

Drew is focused on improving the healthcare sector through IT solutions. He is an expert when it comes to EMR projects. He is determined to see that healthcare facilities adopt the new technological advancements that make operations easy and improve healthcare service delivery. Data utilization, scheduling, demand management and patient monitoring are some of the areas that need technology. It is essential to adopt and implement some of these solutions to improve efficiency. Real-time track systems, payroll automation, scheduling apps and digital systems for generating health medical reports for doctors are needed.

For the healthcare sector to improve service delivery, key players must invest in IT solutions. Paper-work based systems should be replaced by digital systems that are more accurate and efficient. At Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew is a managing partner. The company is offering excellent advisory and implementation services for healthcare IT solutions. Drew Madden is confident that with innovations, the healthcare sector will enjoy significant growth which will benefit patients, entrepreneurs, and healthcare employees.