Fabletics Giving Amazon A Run For Its Money

Amazon never expected that Kate Hudson would give them a run for their money. The popular Hollywood star appears to be taking a slice of the huge pie that the huge online seller has enjoyed eating all these years, specifically in the sportswear niche. Hudson is selling women’s sportswear online through her company Fabletics and it appears that she is taking a huge chunk of the market that was previously dominated by Amazon.



In just a span of three years, Hudson’s Fabletics was able to infiltrate the seemingly impenetrable global market of Amazon. If current statistics are to be believed, her company has already amassed a whooping $250 million growth in business. Fabletics is selling her brand of sportswear directly to its growing list of customers. In doing so, it has breached into the 20 percent market share of the global online marketing giant. The attractive membership plan and easy online shopping which Hudson’s company offers seem to be the spear point of her company’s success.



Fabletics attracts its customers by asking them to answer a list of questions about their lifestyles. These questions are designed to help prospective clients to choose various products according to their tastes and lifestyles. Signing up as a member is also free making it easy for people to join as members. If a customer chooses to be a VIP member, she can buy her first outfit for only $25. On top of that, the client also gets discounts on other items she would like to purchase. Customers are also encouraged to buy items on a monthly basis. But they can also skip buying in one month if they don’t want to.



Fabletics utilizes a unique marketing strategy that took the dominant sportswear seller by surprise. The company is using what is called the ‘reverse showroom technique’ where customers can see the workout apparels, their features and their prices online, Other online sellers were wary of using this technique because of its seemingly high cost. Apparently, Hudson had proven her competitors wrong with the way she has catapulted her sales to the top in just three years. In addition to this effective strategy, Fabletics also uses all these sales data it has collected to choose what items they will sell in a specific area.



It appears that the unique business model that Hudson adapted for Fabletics is the main ingredient of her company’s business success. She capitalizes on a subscription service model that enables her customers to get their sportswear every month for a fee. Who could resist such an offering if the price of the item is cut in half? And customers are not limited to ordinary, run-of-the-mill items. Hudson’s workout apparels offered in Fabletics are trendy, stylish and high quality items. On top of these, her business model ensures customer satisfaction and improved users’ experience. The result could not be ignored and this must be the reason why Amazon is getting worried.

Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Kate Hudson is the owner of Fabletics, a fitness apparel company that operates on a monthly membership structure. When you subscribe as a VIP Member, the first outfit you purchase will cost only $25, and you will also receive discounted prices on other items.


Getting Started With Fabletics


First-time users are encouraged to take a short quiz on lifestyles. The questions are geared towards assisting stylists to help you pick various items depending on your taste. You can select your item preferred every month and complete the purchase. However, you can also skip this when you do not feel like buying anything that month. Signing up on their website is free, and so it is easy to get started.


Fabletics Taking on Amazon


One of the largest e-commerce platforms in the fashion niche is Amazon and controls 20%, making it a daunting task for new entrants to penetrate. Kate Hudson has achieved a business growth of $250 million in three years. Her company has established a large online customer base a subscription method and selling directly to their clients. The convenience of online shopping and the membership plan is reliable and unique.


In the past several high-quality brands were expensive. For a start-up penetrate the cut-throat competition market and harsh economic times, it has to invent a unique strategy. A brand should look into are customer experience, fashionable design, and brand recognition among others so that they can cater for the current clients.


Fabletics has used the following strategies to be successful


Reverse showrooming


Fabletics could have used the pop-up store method, but their approach allows then to create relationships, be reliable on and get to know the local markets better through events. Due to this almost half of the people that walk through the door are already members and others signup in the store. When a client tries on a piece of clothing, it goes into their online shopping cart.


Online data is vital


Fabletics uses local online data about preferences and will only stock items that are likely to appeal to them as trends and tastes change. Stores are stocked based on various inputs including membership preferences for local members, social media sentiment, store heat-mapping data and real-time sales activity.


Focus on culture, accessibility, and clients


The company is rapidly growing and has plans of expanding to various locations and opening more stores other than Hawaii, California, Florida, and Illinois. Fabletics believes their commitment to making their customers happy, satisfied and getting what they need makes them successful.


The products can be reviewed regarding Quality, Style, Value, Customer Service and Ease of Use. For the price, the quality is unbelievable, They are thick and have excellent compression. The style is quite impressive and varies from simple tanks to solid colored bottoms to cut-out item and sheer fabrics with bold patterns.


I would recommend Fabletics because they are a good deal for the style, value, and quality. However, the customer service can be a headache because you may have to deal with them a lot due to exchanges.

Kate Hudson And Fabletics

When Kate Hudson decided to open a company, she opened Fabletics. She opened it within the last three years, and she has done very well with it. That is because she is very good with what she does, and she knows her customer base. She decided to sell online the majority of the case, and uses a reverse showroom technique, that is paying off for her in tremendous ways.


Her store, Fabletics, offers women’s clothing that is designed for workouts, but can also be worn out to do errands, and many other things too. Her designs are very nice, and women love them. They can sign up for her newsletter on her website, and also for her club.


The club that she offers does not cost any money to the customer. They just join it, and the online marketing gathers information about what they might like. They receive these items in the mail, and if they like them, they purchase them. If not, they just send them back. It is simple and easy, and women are loving it because they don’t have to go to a store to enjoy the wonderful aspects of getting Kate Hudson’s designs.


She also has several physical stores that are open too. In the next year, at least three more will open. These stores have a very small showroom area, because only clothing that is known to sell in that area is stocked, and the majority of the sales are made online. Since it is free to join her club, most women that visit the physical stores, end up joining the club too. With the online marketing, she gets an idea of what women like to see in their clothing. This, not only, helps with her marketing, but also with knowing what types of clothing she should design next. Her way of dealing with retail is working, and many other companies are following suit. That is because doing business online makes a lot of sense for many people.


Kate Hudson is a success in such a short time, and the future looks to be very good for her. She will increase her profits, and continue to design clothing that women really like. She enjoys what she does, and it shows with how she was able to take a dream that she had, and make it work. Her success will continue well into the future, because women really like what she creates.