The unique traits of OSI Group that contribute to their success

In the list of world’s largest food supplier OSI Group is among one of them. The company has grown to 17 countries, 65 facilities, and they have offered employment to 20,000 employees. In the United States it has been ranked as one of the private companies that’s the largest. They have been able to grow because they secure good prices on products that are superior, match customer needs, reduce time spent on preparation and ensure that food is safe. Over the years, OSI Group has acquired joint ventures with warehouses, processing plants, and poultry processing facilities. The company is working hard so that with time they can become premier food provider to companies in North America, Europe, and other areas. See this article at

Recently, the chicken processing at OSI Group in Toledo, Spain was doubled. They did that by investing $17 million so that the processing can increase to 24,000 tons from 12,000 tons. The investment increased the products that Toledo facility was producing. The added the production of chicken, pork and beef products. The reason why the company is so focused on the expansion of production facilities is that it enables the company to come up with exciting new products. The difference of OSI company with other food suppliers is that for them they offer their food according to customer specifications. They work together with their customers to come up with the type of flavor the customer is seeking. After getting all the information, they will come up with a custom formulation that meets the customer’s needs.

In 1909 that’s when OSI Group was founded. At first, the company was known as Otto’s Meet Market. In 1928 that’s when there was the first name change to Otto & Son, and in 1975 that’s when they changed the name to OSI Group. They changed the name once the company started to branch out internationally. The main headquarters of the company is located in Aurora, Illinois, USA, but they have other facilities in Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific region. It has had so many leaders in the past, and it started humbly when Otto Kolschwsky was leading it. The growth began when Ray Kroc selected the company to become McDonald’s first meat supplier.