OSI Food Solutions: The American Dream

Imagine your future self, telling you that your business will be a success, how would you go about it? Would you continue grinding? Well, the chances are that you won’t hassle because you will be successful either way. The success of OSI Food Solutions has not been by chance; it has been through blood and sweat that the company has attained a commendable position in the top 100 list of the largest American companies. How has it done that? The secret is having a great team. Established in 1909, OSI Food Solutions started as a meat retail shop in Illinois Chicago. Owned by an immigrant – Otto Kolchowsky, the retail shop upgraded to become a wholesale meat trade shop located in Maywood. More about of OSI Food Solution at Bloomberg

One of the best choice that stands out until today came in hiring Sheldon Levin. Once a financial expert in the banking industry, Sheldon brought his skill set which proved to be the kryptonite. OSI Food Solutions began expansion from Chicago by building a processing plant in West Jordan, Utah. Later it expanded to other states in America before building a processing plant in Germany. Currently, OSI Group has over 65 facilities in 17 different countries. To sustain its ever-growing customer base, they have decided to double up chicken products. This will help them meet their client’s demands.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago for 7.4 billion dollars. This acquisition was meant to help OSI Food Solutions to meet their client’s needs. This purchase also meant that approximately 480 jobs that were at stake if the plant closed down would still keep their jobs. Additionally, it would also help them ramp up production of their products which have been in demand.

In mid-2016, OSI Group acquired Baho industry – a Dutch company that deals with processing meat products. This purchase would help OSI Group make a global footprint in Europe. OSI Group have over the years acquired several awards. For instance, in 2016, they were awarded the globe of honor award for their outstanding management in environmental risks.

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