Rocketship Charter Schools Incorporate New Math Programs With Their Pillars of Education Standards

Non-profit Rocketship Charter Schools have taken the nation by storm. Rocketship was founded in 2006. The first charter school location was in San Jose California and they opened their doors to students in 2007. The main goal of Rocketship Charter Schools was to provide a quality education to students residing in areas where the public schools were lacking. All children have a right to a great education and overcrowded schools that are understaffed should not impact a child’s right to learn.

Rocketship Education works on a few fundamental pillars. Since they were established they believed strongly in nurturing each child’s individual needs. Standardized testing only gives a glimpse into a student’s academic profile. Just because a child tests badly does not mean they are learning at a different level then other students. A child may come in behind some students but progress with one on one attention by leaps and bounds. Rocketship Charter Schools incorporate a dedicated staff with a solid parent connection. Rocketship encourages parents to participate in their child’s learning experiences. Parent involvement is key when it comes to academic success. Many parents volunteer their time both inside and outside of the class rooms. Rocketship recently incorporated a math based learning program that was established by Dreambox Learning. The results showed that children who utilized this learning tool did better on standardized tests.

Since Rocketship was established they have grown exponentially. When their doors opened in 2007 in San Jose California they could not have for seen the need for their type of educational style. Rocketship currently has thirteen schools in the California bay area, two schools in the Nashville Tennessee area, two schools in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area and two schools in the Washington D.C area. All of these schools work on the same fundamental belief that a child’s educational needs come first and that they want to provide a quality education in metropolitan areas where children may not receive a great education from the local public school system. Many large and famous donators have made substantial contributions to the Rocketship Charter School non-profit. These contributors include tennis professional Andre Agassi, the Chief Executive Officer of Netflix and the Obama Administration.

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