NPG Van Is Helping To Improve Canvassing Efforts And Women’s Rights In The Workplace

During every election cycle, political parties and candidates, alike, spend plenty of money on their campaigns with the hopes of it paying off in the long run. NPG Van understands that one way that political campaigns raise money is by going door-to-door and asking voters to get involved through donations or their time. This is called canvassing, and most people have been exposed to this. The goals of canvassing are to raise money, heighten awareness, and to get people out to the voter’s booth on election day. Most political candidates hope that their canvassing efforts will swing votes in their direction.


NPG Van is aware that the rise of the internet and social media has changed everything; including the effectiveness of canvassing. To top this off, people who have voted for both parties in the past are now becoming more polarized. In today’s world, many are beginning to question the effectiveness of canvassing and studies are being done to answer this important question. A study was done by Joshua Kalla and David Broockman, of UC Berkeley and Stanford, revealed that one in every 800 voters could be persuaded to change their minds and vote differently than they were going to before if the canvassing took place a couple of months before the elections were held.

The fact that the world is going in a digital direction is getting people to look at this kind of thing in a different light. The software is helping political campaigns to be more organized with the canvassing they do, and NPG Van is helping with these efforts. The organization is already helping Democratic candidates with their canvassing efforts and is making the whole process more efficient and focused on the people who are more likely to change their vote.


NPG Van not only offers a helpful app but also helps with cutting turf, which has to do with putting together walk lists and maps for those who are doing the canvassing. Its app helps to divide up the houses that people will be going to in an effective way and saves canvassers a lot of time. It also gives canvassers specific information they can share about their candidate, which is targeted towards the person they are sharing it with. NPG Van has also been contributing to women’s organizations and hosted “A Day Without Women,” recently in order to honor women employees. Since diversity is still a big issue in today’s world, the organization will continue to help. Participating in “A Day Without Women” clearly demonstrated NPG Van’s desire to help bring women on an equal standing with men in the workplace.

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