Lime Crime Makeup Brand Acquired By Tengram Capital Partners

If you’ve been a fan of Lime Crime for the past decade, you know that it was only a matter of time before the makeup brand reached another new plateau.

Tengram Capital Partners has recently acquired the cosmetics company founded by entrepreneur Doe Deere. The brand-building experts plan on expanding Lime Crime’s successful footprints and offering an even wider range of products.

Richard Gersten, a partner at Tengram, wants Lime Crime fans to rest assured that the brand will maintain its cutting-edge formulas, bold palettes and philosophy of beauty-free boundaries.

Stacy Panagakis will serve as the cosmetics company’s new CEO and is ready to spring into action and lead Lime Crime to new heights. She has the beauty resume to go with it, having recently been general manager at the Fresh company. Panagakis admires Lime Crime’s self-empowering makeup message, its focus on hip millennials and the attitude that women can push past the traditional limits of beauty.

Russian native Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 while living in New York City. She knew there was an opening in the makeup industry when it came to sexy-fantasy makeup. Deere was all about the pretty in bold, luxe palettes. To her, peacock blue lipstick was now, modern and playing along with the street scene. That’s the kind of look she liked, so she jumped in and debuted Lime Crime.

The makeup brand clicked, and Deere used social media and e-commerce to her advantage. She built a reputation and relationship among her customers. Her Venus eyeshadow palettes became fast cult favorites, and her liquid-matte lipsticks made their way to the red carpet.

Doe Deere remains Lime Crime’s faithful forever muse and now sits on the company’s board of directors.

Tengram Capital Partners is excited to watch Lime Crime begin a glamorous new chapter.

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