Valuable Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired hospital medical director who’s also practiced as a pediatric surgeon. While in high school, he decided he venture into the air-conditioning niche. Growing up in Kuwait, where summers record very high temperatures, the move was a natural selection for a high school student. He didn’t want to emulate his older brothers who were both engineers in construction.


Having retired from a long and fruitful surgical career, he looks back at the work he did with great satisfaction. Dr. Saad operated on many children in dozens of countries and is still recognized for developing new procedures in the pediatric surgery realm. He remains very optimistic on the prospects of the medical world, especially on human genetics. He opines that their success will definitely help stop the scourge of cancer and improve the treatment and management of many other equally debilitating and protracted diseases. As a pioneering medical practitioner, Dr. Saad believes in the power of intense research.


Guiding Values


Dr. Saad attributes his success to his superb organizational skills. According to the doctor, being orderly and organized leads to enhanced efficiency and goal accomplishment. Preparation, he says, is an integral part of the success of any pediatric surgery, whether minor or major. Part of his preparation for surgeries was a thorough review of the patient’s ailment followed by reviewing of procedures of such operations.


Dr. Saad holds the view that all our destinies lie firmly in God’s hands’. He also believes that everyone is the same regardless of the many social aspects that define and differentiate us. This is the opinion of a surgeon who has operated on many children around the world and found that all our vital organs are similar.

He advises that only through progressive and continuous effort and persistence can one reach their ultimate goals.


Because the doctor believes in fairness and equality, he recommends any book by the founding father, Abraham Lincoln, who also shared this particular belief and who orchestrated the abolition of the dreaded slave trade.


About Dr. Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad is a well-known New Jersey pediatric surgeon. He enjoyed an illustrious career in medicine and recently retired as the Medical Director of the Hovnanian Children Hospital. The physician is a proud alumnus of the Cairo University, where he graduated with honors in late 1971. He also passed his ECFMG exam making him eligible to pursue his medical residency in the US.


Dr. Saad is a proficient pediatric surgeon and has registered two patents to his name. In addition, he has come up with several groundbreaking surgical procedures in the field of pediatrics. He is also a top-notch thoracic surgeon. Dr. Saad often volunteers to offer his refined surgical skills to disadvantaged and needy kids in places like Jerusalem. The world-class surgeon is also affiliated with other medical facilities in his home state of NJ. Learn more:

Betsy Devos – on topic article

President Trump’s decision to rescind the federal policy that made it okay for transgender students to go to the bathroom that matched the gender they identified with caught many people off guard. However, not everyone was caught off guard thanks to Betsy DeVos, the president’s current education secretary.


President Trump apparently tasked his education secretary with meeting with the individuals who represent gay and transgender employees working with the Department of Education. During this meeting, Betsy DeVos gave them a preview of what was going to happen.


In addition to telling these employees what was going to happen, Secretary DeVos also transmitted the idea via one of her aides that she resisted this move on the part of the US president. Her resistance to President Trump’s decision to rescind the federal policy allowing transgender students to use a bathroom that matched the gender they identified with is something that has been widely publicized.


However, as a sign of loyalty to the president, Secretary DeVos gave no indication to the public that she had a difference of opinion with the president. There was no desire on her part to show a rift between her and the administration, nor was there a desire to show that she lost this discussion with the president.


When the announcement of this new policy was made, Betsy DeVos joined the president in the joint announcement. In fact, when she spoke before the Annual Conservative Political Action Conference, she went as far as saying that she believed that the federal guidelines that the president overturned were an example of how President Obama and his administration had overreached.


Throughout the years, Betsy DeVos has developed a reputation as being behind school vouchers. In fact, when she worked as the Michigan Republican Party chairwoman, she advocated school vouchers. Secretary DeVos has made it clear time and time again that people should not view her as a yes-woman or as a team player who will meekly give a rubber stamp of approval to anything that the president says. While in public, she is gracious enough to show loyalty to the president, and she is gracious enough to keep her dignity even when she has a setback. History has shown that she is a driven, relentless political fighter.


Her drive and her relentless nature when coupled with her family’s immense fortune has made her a force to be reckoned with in the political field. She has in times past been able to use her fortune to reward individuals who allied with her while at the same time punish those who did not work with her. Behind the scenes, she has used her muscle to pass legislation, while at the same time driving out lawmakers who stand against her.


Her relentless nature made a lot of people afraid of her. Not just because she is exceptionally wealthy, but instead because she is a determined woman when she sets her mind to accomplish a goal.


Proof of her drive and determination is seen in the fact that Detroit has more charter schools per capita than any other state, proving once again that she is a force to be reckoned with.


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The Achievements And Success Story Of Philanthropist Tony Petrello

In many places, Tony Petrello is an unfamiliar figure that unifies the ranks of corporate America. While he doesn’t dominate the television networks like an expert or captivate people like politicians do, Petrello is probably one of the most prominent persons in the United States.

In 2014, Tony Petrello got named as one of the highest-paid CEOs in the US. By then, he was earning a total of 68.2 million dollars in his position at Nabors Industries, a world leader in drilling oil and natural gases. Tony’s level of success ignited both admiration and envy, but he is naturally a humble and honest man who is worth what he earns.

Petrello is a splendid manager and a business strategist, although most of his success comes from the way he treats other people. He follows a moral code founded on fairness and respect. Tony’s conduct has developed countless jobs in the US; he is a contemporary leader in the industry who assists Americans attain a way to enjoy life.

While Antony heads a dynamic oil giant in the contemporary economy, his success did not come on a silver platter. Like other prominent leaders in the United States, Mr. Petrello wasn’t born with a family fortune. From his tender age, Petrello seemed to know that there weren’t any shortcuts to success. When Tony learned how to read, he would spend many hours every day reading academic books and journals. He mastered calculus at a very tender age and showed exceptional intelligence in mathematics that one could only expect from a qualified logician or physicist.

Petrello is a Yale University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Later, Tony went back to the same institution where he earned a Master’s degree in Mathematics. He is also a Harvard School of Law graduate with a Juris Doctor. Tony is also a Board of Trustees member at Texas Children Hospital. The institution assisted Tony and his wife, Cynthia in their journey with their daughter who needed pediatric attention.

Petrello donates money to the hospital that goes into research since he is a firm believer that children born with neurological conditions have an opportunity to live better lives. Antony’s philanthropic contributions do not end with Texas children hospital. He also contributes towards an annual endowment fund at Yale University to celebrate his mentor and friend Serge Lang, who was his math professor who passed on and other charities as well.

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