Formation of End Citizens United

The End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in 2016 to campaign for finance reforms. The agency intended to become a big player in 2016 and channel funds to Democratic candidates running for elective positions in the competitive house and senate. The group was launched in August 2016, and within its first month of operation, it had raised more than $2 million. End Citizens United aimed at raising more than $30 million for the entire cycle of its operations.


Objectives of End Citizens United


End Citizens United’s primary goal was to make constitutional amendments to invalidate a decision by the Supreme Court termed as citizen’s united decisions. The Supreme Court’s decisions resulted in the rise of the super PACs, which led to the rise of dark money in politics. The group gained prevalence, and within its first month of institution, it already had more than 325,000 people signed for its petition.


The group’s fame and popularity was also propelled by its partnership with “Ready for Hillary.” According to Carbo, the group’s communication officer, the group was different from other campaign finance reform groups. It aimed at supporting individuals who when elected would push against the citizens united. End Citizens United also had sympathy on candidates who were under attack by dark-money groups.


The group was very critical in creating public awareness of the decision made by the Supreme Court. By doing so, End Citizens United created a balance in the political pressure both on the Supreme Court and the political actors. This balance ensured all things were in control.


Plans for the Future


In its bid to drive out big money out of politics, End Citizens United is raising big money on its own. During the first semester of this year, the group raised $4 million, and it has anticipated to raise $35 million before the 2018 midterm Congress elections. This amount will be much higher compared to what was raised by PAC in 2016.

The contribution made during the first quarter of this year was raised by an average of 100,000 people. Out of these, 40,000 never contributed in 2016. Therefore, this is an indication that more people are supporting the group’s aim to elect new campaign-finance reform champions to the Congress.


In a Nutshell


The group is riding on the fact that Democrats are not happy with the win of Donald Trump as the U.S president. Democrats are thus ready to fight back against Trump’s agenda’s and nominees, which includes his new appointee to the Supreme Court. Therefore, many Democrats will be willing to support End Citizens United group in their bid. End Citizens United has been able to rise to the top ranks of the Democratic-aligned groups.



Success Academy Struggles To Keep Up With Demand For Its Impressive Educational Programs

The Success Academy brand that has made waves in the charter school industry across New York City as the group has seen an amazing level of growth since it established its first school in 2006 in the culturally diverse area of Harlem. Founder Eva Moskowitz has recently made it clear she believes the ever expanding wait list for a spot at the more than 40 Success Academy locations across New York City show just how impressive the work she and her colleagues have completed has been; the shocking statistics show that if Moskowitz was permitted to make use of some of the more than 5,000 empty seats currently unused in New York public schools the Success Academy program could be provided for some of the more than 17,000 families who applied for just over 3,000 seats at Success Academy locations.

There are a number of reasons why the Success Academy has proven such as major area of growth in the education sector where charter schools have not always met with high levels of success. The innovative nature of the Success Academy has led to the school network taking a different approach to that seen in the public school system across the U.S., which includes the need for more periods of time where students can express themselves and enjoy recess times that are often taken away as a punishment by educators in public school systems.

Although the approach of Success Academy may seem to be a different one, the charter school system is obviously becoming a success as the test scores that are used by public school system experts have consistently been higher than those seen in traditional New York schools. Not only does Success Academy seek to bring about a new level of success in the education system, the aim is to engage students in the local community to help them have a greater understanding of the world around them; Success Academy brings farm fresh food into its schools and also looks to build community links that create more engaged citizens as students move through their lives even after they have completed their studies.

Letaka Safaris and Wild Ark Work Together to Show People the Beautiful Wilderness

Few places in the world evoke such deep rooted wonder as the wilderness of Botswana. Letaka Safaris is one of the country’s top safari operators, citizen owned, and led by the Letaka brothers since 2000. The brothers, plus seven highly-trained guides, lead tented mobile safari tours through some of Botswana’s most beautiful locations including the Khwai region, the Central Kalahari game reserve, and Chobe National Park. Letaka also trains professional tour guides at their school in Botswana.Learn more :


Botswana’s Khwai region has one of the most impressive populations of Bull elephants left in the world. Lions, leopards, and other wild cats stalk antelope, wildebeest, and impala along the woodlands and savannahs. One of their most popular tours, the Delta Miracle, explores the Okavango Delta by helicopter, foot, and boat over three days and nights, sleeping in lighted tents each night.Learn more :


The vast Kalahari is an immense grassland pocketed by islands of trees, ancient dunes, and steep valleys. In the rainy summer months the grass is green and filled with wildflowers. During clear winter nights, peeking outside of a Letaka tent will stun visitors with the brilliantly lit stars in an inky black sky. Letaka holds their Blooming Desert tour mainly in the northern part of the Central Kalahari, where tourists can see many of Africa’s largest and most famous herbivores and predators.Learn more :


The Chobi National Park was established in 1961. It now has the highest concentrations of elephants in Africa, and features a mixture of marshland and near-desert conditions. Letaka runs several tent tours in the area including Birding Tours, Photographic Workshops, and year-round tours of the Northern Highlands.


One of Letaka’s partners is Wild Ark, a conservation society dedicated to ensuring future generations the same joy of wild animals and spaces as we and our ancestors have known. Their mission is to find and protect green belts around the world, places where animals can live out their proper natural habitat safe from human interference. Letaka is one of several tour companies that work with Wild Ark to bring people closer to the wilderness in an ecologically sound, conservationist manner.