Robert Ivy Honored With The Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is an American architect born in Columbus, Mississippi. Since 2011 he holds the role of CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Besides being the Chief Executive Officer, he also acts as the Executive Vice President of the organization.

He studied at Sewanee The University of the South, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English, and later on attended Tulane University where he received a Masters of Architecture degree. His impressive professional track record consists of Principal positions at Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy, as well as many roles as a critic for a number of publications throughout the country. He acted as the Editor in Chief for the publication Architectural Records and later on he was appointed Editorial Director as well as Vice President at McGraw Hill Construction Media. The company includes many publications, such as SNAP and HQ, among others. More about of Robert Ivy at Huffpost

Throughout his career, Robert Ivy earned many awards and recognitions. His long list of accolades includes the Crain Award from the American Business Media. He was named “Master Architect” by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. Ivy also received the Dean Medal in 2017 from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. The publications he led throughout the years earned several honors, including a National Magazine Award for General Excellence for his work on Architectural Record.

In 2018, Robert Ivy received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The award is given to artists that are connected to the Mississippi scene, and Robert Ivy is the first architect to win the award. He joins a select list of artists that have won the Polk Award, including writers Eudora Welty and Shelby Foote. The MIAL President pointed out Ivy’s ability to make architecture accessible to the general public, while the President of AIA Carl Elefante congratulated Ivy on behalf of the organization, and noted that as a result of his work as a professional architect, author and editor, Robert Ivy is a worthy ambassador for the craft of architecture. He received the award at the MIAL event on June 2.




NPG Van Is Helping To Improve Canvassing Efforts And Women’s Rights In The Workplace

During every election cycle, political parties and candidates, alike, spend plenty of money on their campaigns with the hopes of it paying off in the long run. NPG Van understands that one way that political campaigns raise money is by going door-to-door and asking voters to get involved through donations or their time. This is called canvassing, and most people have been exposed to this. The goals of canvassing are to raise money, heighten awareness, and to get people out to the voter’s booth on election day. Most political candidates hope that their canvassing efforts will swing votes in their direction.


NPG Van is aware that the rise of the internet and social media has changed everything; including the effectiveness of canvassing. To top this off, people who have voted for both parties in the past are now becoming more polarized. In today’s world, many are beginning to question the effectiveness of canvassing and studies are being done to answer this important question. A study was done by Joshua Kalla and David Broockman, of UC Berkeley and Stanford, revealed that one in every 800 voters could be persuaded to change their minds and vote differently than they were going to before if the canvassing took place a couple of months before the elections were held.

The fact that the world is going in a digital direction is getting people to look at this kind of thing in a different light. The software is helping political campaigns to be more organized with the canvassing they do, and NPG Van is helping with these efforts. The organization is already helping Democratic candidates with their canvassing efforts and is making the whole process more efficient and focused on the people who are more likely to change their vote.


NPG Van not only offers a helpful app but also helps with cutting turf, which has to do with putting together walk lists and maps for those who are doing the canvassing. Its app helps to divide up the houses that people will be going to in an effective way and saves canvassers a lot of time. It also gives canvassers specific information they can share about their candidate, which is targeted towards the person they are sharing it with. NPG Van has also been contributing to women’s organizations and hosted “A Day Without Women,” recently in order to honor women employees. Since diversity is still a big issue in today’s world, the organization will continue to help. Participating in “A Day Without Women” clearly demonstrated NPG Van’s desire to help bring women on an equal standing with men in the workplace.

Technology Makes It Easier To Send And Transfer Money with PSI Pay and Western Union

Recently, PSI Pay and Western Union reached and agreement to form an easier way for consumers to send and receive money. Currently, Western Union is in almost 180 countries. With that being said, Western Union can link businesses all over the world. If money is exchanged, it is evaluated and transferred into that country’s capital dollar. For instance, American dollars can be transferred to Euros.


Futuristically, Western Union plans to team up with PSI Pay to allow different countries to send money or receive money through a mobile app. With money being exchanged, Western Union grew globally because of how accurate their work is to consumers and businesses. Ironically, the company realizes that their services are needed throughout the world and plan to continue to expand.

As far as PSI-Pay, they also use Western Union to transfer monetary value among senders and receivers. For example, PSI Pay creates a safer environment for a person that is using their own personal identity. In other words, if money is transferred through a credit card, PSI Pay is used.


Ideally, these companies enjoy allowing consumers to use contactless payments in which they can send money as often times as they want for a certain rate (2018). In turn, this is easier for students that are studying abroad to receive money, and family members that are out-of-town on business can receive money this way as well. Overall, consumers gain the convenience of using PSI Pay and Western Union no matter where they are in the world. In reality, companies will grow because of the process, and people will gain trust in banks again. In conclusion, there is no competition out there that have combined the two different ways to pay and send money. As a result of this way of banking, Western Union and PSI Pay have plans to make fees affordable to consumers forever.

Chris Burch Has Investments in Very Diverse Industries in Business

With a very diverse investment in industries that Chris Burch the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital has provided financial and resource investments in has propelled his career as an entrepreneur into an extremely renowned and respected position of entrepreneurial success. Chris Burch currently is providing extremely insightful investment support to real estate, consumer product, home furnishings, retail, hospitality, organic food, and technology industries that are trailblazing and providing lucrative returns on investments for his business portfolio. Some of the endeavors that Chris Burch has provided investment include Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host that launched a Lifestyle brand that is generating success and profitable returns, check ( He also has invested in Xcel Brands a home décor, accessories, and apparel retailer that he invested in back in 2011. Chris Burch also launched various other organizations including Cocoon9, Bur+ Mah, Blink Health, Little Duck Organics, BaubleBar, Soludos, and Brad’s Raw Foods to name a few. Chris Burch seems to continuously position himself in the right place to capitalize on opportunities that are presented to him and his team in order to generate extremely high rates of return on investment through his business ventures. By providing resource investment in various industries including hospitality, organic foods, technology, retail, real estate, apparel, home furnishings, accessories, lifestyle brands, and various other industries and businesses, Chris Burch has solidified himself as an extremely successful entrepreneur and businessman that continues to provide high-level results and profitable returns with keen understanding and evaluation of business opportunities, learn more on Furthermore, by providing the necessary financial resources intellectual analysis and evaluation of various business opportunities, Chris Burch continues to leave an indelible imprint on various industries within the business world and is continuing to reap the rewards of profitable windfalls that are continuing to elevate his business and personal portfolio, visit

Serves the Community

NexBank is a regional bank based out of Dallas, Texas, whose charter is from 1922. NexBank supports the local residents by assisting Dallas Neighborhood Homes with up to $50 million. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a non-profit mortgage banker that helps families afford mortgages. They hope to help low-income families pull out of poverty and provide a better future for their children. They also aim to improve North Texas homeownership rates. NexBank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes strive to assist in-need homebuyers in Southern Dallas. Their starting goal is 100 affordable loans a year. Also, NexBank will cover title fees and assist to an extent with additional costs.

The motto of Dallas Neighborhood Homes is “Making the American Dream a reality, one home at a time” and they have partnered with NexBank to do exactly that for low-income Dallas residents. With NexBank’s financial assistance, state-licensed Dallas Neighborhood Homes and their progenitor Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity provides financial assistance and financial counseling to those in need of it. According to Matt Siekielski, the Vice President of NexBank, NexBank is proud of their partnership.

College Savings Bank, based out of New Jersey, has been assisting college students and their parents with college savings since 1987. The college oriented bank provides 529 saving plans and many investment options to help those aiming for a higher education. Now College Savings Bank has become a division of NexBank. This move allows both to expand financially and improve their service of families in need. College Savings Bank will still be recognizable, as NexBank has no plans to change its name or branding. Also, they will continue to operate normally. John Holt, President of NexBank, and Matt Siekielski, the Vice President, expressed their satisfaction with the acquisition of College Savings Bank and the growth of their platform. These efforts improve their ability to serve the community.

Robert Ivy, FAIA, Honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is one of the wisest person you can ever strike a convention with about any subject that involves architecture, a discipline he holds master’s degree on. His passion and knowledge about urban planning and architectural innovations are impeccable. His expertise on the subject is notable in his leadership style in the American Institute of Architects (AIA) where he holds a pivotal role in leading operations and formulating strategies as the chief executive officer. He also performs advisory duties among other functions as the executive vice president. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

Architecture is a field that demands creativity, infinite analytical skills, and sound knowledge of various scientific principles that deal with forces, structures, and earth. Robert Ivy is one person who has mastered all this having conducted intensive research on the discipline and gained experience over decades of practicing in the field. He is the first person to have ever been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is no surprise considering the numerous awards he has received throughout his career. According to the American Society of Architecture among other architectural groups, Robert Ivy is the best qualified professional architecture to be crowned with such a great award.

His achievements in the field make him an iconic ambassador of the architectural profession. The award is not just an honor to him but to many architectures that he mentored and help them rise in the national architectural fraternity across the United States and conceivably in the entire world. Other architectures can only celebrate with Robert Ivy for the deep impact he has accomplished in various areas. He, for instance, provided sustainable solutions to disaster relief projects with provisions that significantly improve the health of the affected families. His contributions to creating resilient urban centers capable of withstanding natural disasters and maintaining high stands of public health have helped save millions of families.

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Lime Crime Makeup Brand Acquired By Tengram Capital Partners

If you’ve been a fan of Lime Crime for the past decade, you know that it was only a matter of time before the makeup brand reached another new plateau.

Tengram Capital Partners has recently acquired the cosmetics company founded by entrepreneur Doe Deere. The brand-building experts plan on expanding Lime Crime’s successful footprints and offering an even wider range of products.

Richard Gersten, a partner at Tengram, wants Lime Crime fans to rest assured that the brand will maintain its cutting-edge formulas, bold palettes and philosophy of beauty-free boundaries.

Stacy Panagakis will serve as the cosmetics company’s new CEO and is ready to spring into action and lead Lime Crime to new heights. She has the beauty resume to go with it, having recently been general manager at the Fresh company. Panagakis admires Lime Crime’s self-empowering makeup message, its focus on hip millennials and the attitude that women can push past the traditional limits of beauty.

Russian native Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008 while living in New York City. She knew there was an opening in the makeup industry when it came to sexy-fantasy makeup. Deere was all about the pretty in bold, luxe palettes. To her, peacock blue lipstick was now, modern and playing along with the street scene. That’s the kind of look she liked, so she jumped in and debuted Lime Crime.

The makeup brand clicked, and Deere used social media and e-commerce to her advantage. She built a reputation and relationship among her customers. Her Venus eyeshadow palettes became fast cult favorites, and her liquid-matte lipsticks made their way to the red carpet.

Doe Deere remains Lime Crime’s faithful forever muse and now sits on the company’s board of directors.

Tengram Capital Partners is excited to watch Lime Crime begin a glamorous new chapter.

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert- Career Growth

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is a prominent executive in the business sector in North America. He has been in the auto and aerospace production unite all his career. From a young age, he had a passion for making it in business. He wanted to make a name in the business sector by being one of the prominent businessmen to have lived. His interest was in business and entrepreneurship. When he went to the university, he took a degree in production management. Knowing how key this knowledge would be important in the industries, he did his best to qualify with the best grades. After university, he easily got a chance to work with General Motors Production plant in Quebec. It is here that he earned about large-scale production system and how they are managed. He ended up spending 14 years in this industry.

Louis Chenevert switched his career from the auto industry to the aerospace industry in 1993. Since these two were almost similar industries in terms of production activities, he did not have a hard time adapting to the new environment. He took up the challenge and made a huge statement with it. His first destination after leaving General motors was at Pratt & Whitney subsidiary in Canada. This is a company that was producing small jet engines. After his entry into the production department, everything changed. In a short time, production reduced by 20 percent.

Louis Chenevert impressed at the Pratt & Whitney Canada and was moved to the main company in the United States. Pratt & Whitney was dealing with the production of large jet engines for commercial and military aircraft. Here. He also impressed with good results after a very short time. He proved that he could manage even bigger organizations. While at P&W he led in production of the Geared Turbofan Engine which is now the best-selling product for UTC.

Louis Chenevert was moved to UTC as the CEO after the success he registered at UTC. At UTC, he strengthened all the businesses that were under the conglomerate, and the profits of the company went up significantly. He was the CEO between 2008 and 2014.

The Success Story of Tony Petrello as a Philanthropist

Tony Petrello has a fascinating and surprising story as a corporate executive. Tony was born in a humble background and made his way up to become the CEO of the world’s leading oil drilling company, Nabors Industries. Petrello helped raise millions of dollars towards supporting children with neurological disorders. In fact, his time was filled with turns of fate and breakthroughs. Saying that Tony Petrello has not been successful is an understatement. In fact, Tony featured in the list of the highest-paid CEOs in the United States in 2015.

The story of Petrello extends far beyond his time as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. His life includes a long list of exciting turns that helped him reach where he is today. Petrello attributes his success to his ability to think creatively, consistent hard work, and natural gifts. The way Tony has given back to society can’t go unnoticed. He has been so supportive to children with neurological disorders. The life of Tony Petrello is worthy to be emulated and admired.


Tony Petrello became passionate about helping children with neurological disorders in the late 1990s. His daughter, Cerena, was born weighing 20 ounces and was suffering from cerebral palsy. While the birth of a daughter was an exciting moment for Petrello, it came with struggles that would later change their lives. Unlike other kids, Cerena began eating solid foods at the age of 7 years. Mr. Petrello developed interests in supporting children with neurological disorders after witnessing the hardship that his daughter experienced. Besides being a donor at the Texas Children’s Hospital, Tony also serves on its board of trustees. Petrello gave out $7 million to the hospital to support the construction of a complex dedicated to children afflicted with neurological conditions.

The Texas Children’s Hospital provides hope to many families and treats children from all over the world. Petrello has also donated a lot of money in research to access the causes of neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy in children. The goal of Petrello is to bring researchers and thinkers together to help identify, prevent, and treat neurological conditions. Tony Petrello leverages business acumen to raise money to support this noble cause. Petrello attributes many of his accomplishments to luck. However, colleagues, friends, and family members who have worked with Tony know that perseverance and influential work ethic are some of the aspects of his successful life.

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Roberto Santiago of the Famous Manaira Shopping

In the capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa, one must already know one of the concert halls that is among the largest in the city – Domus Hall. Recently, in November 2016, she completed seven years providing much fun to local citizens, and visitors as well. The entrepreneur responsible for the creation is the 58-year-old paraiban from the capital, Roberto Santiago.

Not by chance, Domus Hall is located on the roof of the largest commercial center of the state of Paraíba, the Manaíra Shopping – between the center and the beaches of the north coast of João Pessoa – which is owned by Roberto Santiago as well. The concert hall was inaugurated in 2009, on the 7th of November. The band that debuted the modern structure, acclimatized and with updated sound equipment and a great sound insulation was the sertaneja Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano.

The house of shows is designed to be large, it is shaped like a nightclub with plenty of space, or else a great theater for musical shows. There are two floors – in the mezzanine there are single and private cabins for ten people, lounge music and access to the dressing rooms; since the bottom has the option of sheltering tables and chairs or it may be clue, it all depends on the type of each event that happens. About four thousand people sit or ten thousand people stand at Domus Hall.

As a good visionary that is, with this venture Roberto Santiago intends to attract to João Pessoa great national and international artists of diverse musical styles – samba, MPB, axé, rock, reggae, rap, sertanejo, among others. So much so that several singers of expression have already appeared on the stage of the house of shows – including, Ana Carolina and Jorge Mário da Silva, the popular Seu Jorge.

But do not stop there, the Domus Hall is also available for Stand-ups, presentations, weddings, graduations, fairs and private events. The opening hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm and Sundays from 1pm to 10pm.

As for his developments… the Paraguayan as well as owner of Domus Hall, also owns the Mall that houses the show house – the Manaíra Shopping – and Mangabeira Shopping. Both are modern and well-engineered. The first was inaugurated in 1989, the second is more recent, opened the doors at the end of 2014. The two, however, brought to João Pessoa economic and social development. The areas surrounding the buildings were valued and many companies were attracted to the region.

Roberto Santiago has always stood out in the field of business for his ability to see a good opportunity – the famous visionary entrepreneur – that explains so many good bets in the business world.