Susan McGalla: An Experienced Specialist in Retail Consulting

Susan McGalla’s success as a consultant and entrepreneur is testimony of her resilience and passion to pursue a career in marketing and branding without being encumbered by her gender or corporate culture. Upon graduating from Mount Union College with a degree in business and marketing, she worked for close to six years Joseph Horne Company as a marketing specialist and manager before joining American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. Despite working in a male dominated work environment, Susan McGalla’ career took an upward trajectory due to her dedication and passion. She rose through the company’s ranks to become a division president before being appointed to serve as the overall president of the company. It was while working at the company that Susan McGalla carved out a name for herself as a suave corporate with excellent branding and marketing skills. She oversaw the expansion of the company’s product portfolio while also growing its brand and financial base.

After leaving the company in 2009, Susan McGalla became an independent consultant specializing in retail industry in addition to serving at HFF Inc. In 2011, she was appointed to serve as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She held the position for close to a year before founding P3 Executive Consulting, a boutique consulting firm with a special focus on retail consulting, development of corporate campaigns and marketing strategies. She also serves as the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers where she is in charge of business strategy in addition to serving on the board of various institutions including the University of Pittsburgh. She is also a motivational speaker who shares her career experiences with other women.

The Life-Saving Works and Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr . Saad Saad has worked as a pediatric surgeon for more than four decades. He is known for the work he has done with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund as well as the work he has done in the Middle East and the United States as well. Learn more about Dr Saad Saad: and

As one of the only English speaking Arabic Doctors in his time, Dr., Saad was commissioned by the Middle East Royal Hospital where he worked for a few years as a children’s surgeon before he moved back to the United States.

Dr . Saad’s work with the Palestine Children’s Relief Foundation

Back in the year 2002, the Palestine Children’s Relief Foundation began working with Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon who helped the foundation with critical cases. The organization called upon Dr. Saad to perform surgery on a gunshot wound child who was only 15 years old.

This was after other doctors had managed to save the child’s life but had not been able to cater to the critical wounds that needed urgent surgery which none but Dr. Saad could perform.

The child was having difficulty eating and suffering from burning skin as a result of the holes that the gunshot had left on his belly. Through a seven-hour long surgery, the doctor was able to seal the holes and repair the problems and the child survived.

Eight years later, the foundation called on him once more, this time, to help a child who had been born with her intestines on the outside of her stomach. Doctors working with the foundation had struggled to help the situation with no success. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad took up the challenge and was able to help the situation by creating a fig leaf covert through a five-hour-long surgery that covered all the abdominal parts that were exposed.

Three years later, he was called in again, this time for a child who had been hit by a bomb and gotten one of his legs paralyzed. The doctor, with the help of a nerve surgeon, was able to get this child a nerve transplant that helped him be able to walk again.

Dr . Saad traveled to Palestine for a mission with the PCRF where he got to perform surgeries locally to needy children. He was able to take part in eight medical missions in this area while still running his private practice in the United States.

Dr . Saad’s inventions

Other than being an accomplished surgeon for children, Dr. Saad is also an accomplished inventor with two patents under his name.

He developed a medical catheter that uses an integral location identification device that uses electromagnetic technology. He also developed a visual device that is used in endoscopes. These are the two devices to which he holds patents.

OSI Food Solutions: The American Dream

Imagine your future self, telling you that your business will be a success, how would you go about it? Would you continue grinding? Well, the chances are that you won’t hassle because you will be successful either way. The success of OSI Food Solutions has not been by chance; it has been through blood and sweat that the company has attained a commendable position in the top 100 list of the largest American companies. How has it done that? The secret is having a great team. Established in 1909, OSI Food Solutions started as a meat retail shop in Illinois Chicago. Owned by an immigrant – Otto Kolchowsky, the retail shop upgraded to become a wholesale meat trade shop located in Maywood. More about of OSI Food Solution at Bloomberg

One of the best choice that stands out until today came in hiring Sheldon Levin. Once a financial expert in the banking industry, Sheldon brought his skill set which proved to be the kryptonite. OSI Food Solutions began expansion from Chicago by building a processing plant in West Jordan, Utah. Later it expanded to other states in America before building a processing plant in Germany. Currently, OSI Group has over 65 facilities in 17 different countries. To sustain its ever-growing customer base, they have decided to double up chicken products. This will help them meet their client’s demands.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago for 7.4 billion dollars. This acquisition was meant to help OSI Food Solutions to meet their client’s needs. This purchase also meant that approximately 480 jobs that were at stake if the plant closed down would still keep their jobs. Additionally, it would also help them ramp up production of their products which have been in demand.

In mid-2016, OSI Group acquired Baho industry – a Dutch company that deals with processing meat products. This purchase would help OSI Group make a global footprint in Europe. OSI Group have over the years acquired several awards. For instance, in 2016, they were awarded the globe of honor award for their outstanding management in environmental risks.



James River Capital Is Reshaping Leadership

KP Futures Management Corp. was found in 1986 and its purpose was to be the department of alternative investment for Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. also simply known as Kidder. In 1995, KP Futures Management Corp. had changed it’s purpose and became a firm that dealt with independent investments. And that’s when it became James River Capital. Since then, this company has been registered as an advisory for investments for the SEC. Paul Saunders, who was a senior officer in Futures Management Corp., became Kidder’s Managing Director in 1989. It was Saunders along with Kevin Brandt who a obtained the business from Kidder. Upon the name change, Saunders became the CEO as well as the founder. Paul Saunders went the University of Virginia and got his B.A. in 1977. He also attended the University of Chicago so he could get his M.B.A. in 1979. James River Capital gives customers in the U.S. trading for commodity, many types of advisories, and multiple investment services. Information and Personel. Learn more:

James River Capital has been very successful with management products that are worth $570 million. And it’s still growing today. On September 14, 2018, this company made a post on its blog site on how to improve ones leadership skills with three changes. This was discovered by researchers for a lot of companies. They did a lot digging to determine what are the best strategies for leading a team and company. These three changes are simple and will greatly improve the style of how you lead. One change is supporting your team and not really leading them. It’s never good to be bossy or just be the guy telling everyone what to do. You want to support and motivate everyone member of the team. This will greatly improve how you interact with them. The second change is there has to be good escalation for communication. The employees and team members need to feel like they can come to the leader and/or supervisor, if and when they have an issue that needs to be addressed. If they’re too scared to talk to the person in charge, then they won’t. And that will lead to a communication problem, which is not good for any team or company. The leader needs to make sure that the team members know that it’s safe to talk to him or her. The third change is letting everyone voice their opinion on the matters of the team and company. Letting everyone have a say on topics could very well help the goal of the team and lead to great success. Making these three changes can greatly benefit all leaders and help their team and company reach their goals. Leadership Style


Felipe Montoro Jens: Summary of the Inter-American Development Bank Meeting

Felipe Montoro Jens was tasked by the Brazilian government to help them manage their infrastructure projects. He was already living abroad as a successful businessman, but he chose to return and focus on the career provided by the Brazilian government. Today, he checks the projects that are placed under his control, and he is making sure that the materials used for the project are of top quality, and no corruption instances are taking place. Felipe Montoro Jens thought that some of his tasks are difficult, but it is rewarding especially after the project is done. Visit their website to learn more.

Recently, he was sent by the Brazilian government to the Inter-American Development Bank, taking place in Mendoza, Argentina on March 24, 2018. He was accompanied by Dyogo Oliveira, one of the ministers of the government. They attended the Inter-American Development Bank governor’s meeting so that they could ask them for financial assistance. The government of Brazil spearheaded more than 50 projects this year, and they are hoping to finish half of them before the year ends. However, the government would need additional funding, and they are hoping that the Inter-American Development Bank would grant their request. Brazil has already received $12.9 billion worth of loans in the past, but this is just a small amount considering the number of projects that the country currently has.

Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the construction projects in Brazil currently fall under the PPP program, or the private-public partnership program. It effectively reduces the funds needed by the Brazilian government by sharing the costs with private institutions, but according to Felipe Montoro Jens, the government wanted to shift away from the practice to make sure that the public can fully use the infrastructure they are creating without additional expenses. The Inter-American Development Bank has released hundreds of billions worth of funding for Latin American and Caribbean countries. Read more:



Jason Hope Offers Support To Those Who Are Interested In Being Successful Entrepreneurs

The one mistake that a number of people make when attempting to be a successful entrepreneur is to make things more complicated than they need to be. For one successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope, he offers his advice on what you can do to be successful.

When you are attempting to be a entrepreneur, you will come up with new and exciting ways to make money. The one thing that most people fail at however is by making things much more complicated than they ought to be. When you begin to complicate things, you will notice a pattern of failure. For the people who keep things simple and are open to feedback, they are the ones who are more likely to be successful. Visit

When Jason Hope was asked about the one area of expertise that he would most likely like to see become unstoppable, Jason speaks of using IoT in order to see big changes. What is IoT you ask? Its known as the Internet of Things. Up until recently, the idea of IoT had not been successful. There are a number of products which use this technology to help people in their day to day lives. You can use it to keep track of fitness or to measure biometrics. There are big changes being made to IoT every year.

When Jason Hope was asked if he would give advice to himself at a younger age, what is the one thing that he would want to let himself know. The answer was not what you would think it would be. The answer was that he would want to tell himself to not focus so hard on the little things and the smaller details. He would tell himself to look over the whole picture instead of on just the smaller pictures and details.

As much as Jason Hope is interested in making a change in technology, he is just as passionate about making sure that he contributes back to things he is passionate about. One of the foundations that he is passionate about is the SENS Foundation. This group is responsible for helping to try and find a cure for diseases and illnesses that make you age quicker. The hope is one day to find a cure for such diseases as Alzheimer’s. Read more on

Aloha Construction- Best company for siding services

Does your house need siding maintenance? Siding is one of the essential home maintenance practices. It can keep your house free of damage caused by pests, moisture, and wind among other agents. Even if you have durable material for siding, you still need to maintain your home. There is no amount of reluctance that will save your home from negative side effects of siding. Aloha Construction is one of the leading companies as far as hoe maintenance is concerned. This is a company that will give you the right information about what your home needs. If you need home maintenance, you can consider asking them since they will be ready to provide the necessary information.

There are different types of siding materials, meaning that you will need different kinds of maintenance. How you maintain one material will vary with how you maintain another. However, there are rules of maintenance that apply to all of them. Siding is not something you install once, and it is forgotten. You must keep regular maintenance if you want your house to enjoy the full benefits of siding. There steps that should be taken regularly to keep your house in great shape. If they are observed keenly, they will keep your house in great shape.

About Aloha Construction

If you would like your house to be maintained by professionals who value your work, then consider working with Aloha Construction. This is the best company in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They have professional services that should be given priority all the time. The company offers services such as siding, gutter and roofing repairs. They believe in professionalism in their work. All their customers have shown appreciation for the work they do. They offer free inspection services. The company won the 2017 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.


Stream Energy Cares For Veterans, The Homeless, And Disaster Victims

What do veterans, the homeless, and natural disaster survivors have in common? They have all benefited from Stream Energy’s charitable initiative Stream Cares. Stream Energy is a Texas-based direct sales energy company. The company’s list of services extends beyond offering fixed-rate energy to individuals and businesses. Stream also provides cell phone service and technology that enables doctors to consult with patients remotely.

It is one thing for a company to give money and another to give time. Stream Energy gives both. Operation Once in a Lifetime reaches out to military personnel who have fallen on hard times. The organization answers the veteran’s fiscal and psychological needs. Stream Cares teamed with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide vets and their families with transportation to a restaurant where Stream and Operation treated them to a barbecue lunch.

The day after the luncheon girls from military families visited the American Girl Experience as quests of Stream Cares. Stream employees served as chaperones on the trip and during the noon repast that was provided. If needed, Stream personnel also assisted the young ladies in choosing the new American Girl doll they would take home courtesy of Stream Cares.

In addition to Operation Once in a Lifetime Stream Energy has worked with Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and Hope Supply Company. In 2017 Hurricane Harvey deluged areas of Houston with nearly five feet of water. The destruction that Harvey left in its wake was equal to that of Hurricane Katrina. The first relief money donated came from Stream Energy.

Every year 1000 homeless children can look forward to Stream Energy and Hope Supply Company treating them to a day at a water park. This event is another opportunity for Stream employees to interact directly with the people their company helps. When Hope Supply Company isn’t tending to the emotional needs of homeless children it tends to their material and educational needs. Senior Event Manager for Stream Kimberly Girard summed up what drives her employer’s charity work by declaring, “We’re an organization with heart…”

Jason Hope: The Internet of Things is a Great Wave of Technological Advancement that Has Just Hit the Tech Industry

Being a technology enthusiast, Jason Hope has expressed his interest in internet of things (IoT), the latest trend in technology. He has hit headlines for his prowess as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer on subjects related to technology at He has regarded IoT has the new wave of technological advancement in the tech industry.

What does Internet of Things mean? Well, it is a high level of device interconnectivity that allows a variety of devices to sync with each other. The devices include home appliances, streetlights, cars and many other devices we use in daily life. IoT enables the devices to share data in an effort to increase efficiency and minimize waste. Jason Hope believes that the technology is going to change the way businesses operate.

According to Jason Hope, IoT is the next big deal in investments that corporations will ever take on. With many companies across the world embracing the advancements brought about by IoT, other businesses and companies will need to keep up with the pace. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will fuel the world in the near future with many devices interconnected. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for latest updates.

Although people associate internet access to computers and smart phones, according to Hope, the norm is going to change and consumers will be interacting with applications and interfaces to control routine work such as making coffee, turning off lights among others. Competition between companies in coming up with smart ways to utilize devices better will fuel the technology even further.

The smart technology has the capability to eliminate waste. For instance, improving the transportation sector through better monitoring of maintenance issues as well as real-time mapping of routes. Consequently, congestion and environmental pollution will be a thing of the past.

Apart from his business and tech brilliance, Jason Hope is also a philanthropist. He supports non-profit organizations such as SENS foundation, a foundation that has involved itself with anti-aging research in an effort to prolong lives and improve the quality of life. He advocates for mechanisms for prevention of diseases rather than just treating diseases. He supports SENS because of its innovative, scientific research that challenges the normal school of thought.

Read more:



The Power of the Media: Larkin & Lacey and Sheriff Joe

Journalists and co-owners of the media outlet Village Voice Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey gained national attention for serving 24 days in prison on what were later determined to be false charges stemming from the singular fact that they performed their jobs as journalists. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

They were reporting on the racially-motivated misdeeds of Arizona’s Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio, when Arpaio decided to lock them up on basically made-up charges. This incarceration caused a national outrage and got attention on Arpaio that he didn’t want.

Larkin and Lacey were charged with obstructing a Grand jury convened by Arpaio. They ran a news story on the secret Grand Jury, which Arpaio attempted to turn into obstruction. The Grand Jury had been called to investigate Larkin and Lacey, whom Arpaio hoped to imprison as a way of silencing them.

This was why the two found themselves in prison: Reporting on a Grand Jury that never should have been convened, which was convened to investigate them despite there being no real reason to do so.

Arpaio defended his actions in arresting the two, and continues to do so to this day. After their 24 days in Arpaio’s prisons, Larkin and Lacey were freed by a judges order, who threw out the charges against them and disbanded the Grand Jury on the grounds it was formed illegally.

Larkin and Lacey filed suit against Maricopa County, and won a multi-million dollar settlement. They used this money to start the Frontera Fund, which is a non-profit that seeks to protect the First Amendment rights of Americans, specifically Latinos, the group most harshly targeted by Arpaio’s policies. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The two continue to speak out against Arpaio, referring people to their breadth of back-reporting as well as continuing to investigate and expose Arpaio’s corruption. Their reporting was partially responsible for Arpaio’s 2016 election loss, when he was voted out of office instead of winning his seventh consecutive term. Arpaio was then brought up on charges and, despite maintaining his innocence of any wrongdoing, convicted.

Before Arpaio could be sentenced for his conviction, President Donald Trump pardoned him. Arpaio had been one of the first to endorse Trump’s run for president, and Trump may have been returning the favor.

Arpaio then launched a bid to succeed John McCain in the U.S. Senate. He failed to gain the Republican nomination for the November election despite being enthusiastically endorsed by President Donald Trump